Industrial Mold Design

ivanhoe_bg_5The truest test of a mold is its design. A good design insures interchangeability of parts between molds and within molds. Interchangeability reduces potential downtime ensuring the highest possible level of productivity from our molds. Ivanhoe molds regularly produce millions upon millions of parts without a single failure.

Ivanhoe utilizes the latest CAD/CAM technology to shorten design and manufacturing lead times to meet the demands of its customers. We know you’re likely to be working under compressed schedules. The pressure to get your line going and keep it running is greater than ever before. You need Ivanhoe’s speed, precision and quality.

Completing a mold design on schedule and making sure that it’s ready for production in our high-precision world takes a lot more than equipment and technology. It takes the right people too. Ivanhoe engineers have only one goal; to deliver the industry’s most dependable, high-performance molds in the world.