Designer and builder of world class precision medium to high cavitation injection molds.

No mold lasts longer or performs better.Count On It.

Run after run, year after year, Ivanhoe molds stand the test of time. Every time.

“At Ivanhoe, we pride ourselves

on consistently attaining the highest level of design performance and uniform precision in the industry, assuring our customers greater confidence and cost control during the production process and long after our molds have been delivered.” Scott McWilliam President

Providing the highest level of design engineering

and uniform precision in the industry, the quality performance of our multi-cavity unscrewing molds is quite simply legendary. We’ll put your mold into production fast and always deliver on schedule.

Ivanhoe employee

We guarantee precision and interchangeability (ability to place any part from any mold into any other same mold in any location without fitting) in our multi-cavity molds. This includes interchangeability of stack-up inserts, inserts with 3D split lines, hot runner manifolds, and mold plates.

Quality Assurance System

Ivanhoe is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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