• In-House Mold Testing and Qualifying - We maintain a state-of-the-art injection molding test system at Ivanhoe to prove every mold we produce. Our promise is that no mold will leave our loading dock if it hasn’t been completely tested to the most rigorous standard of quality and precision. To us it’s all about performance and minimizing downtime for our customers. We... Read More »
  • CNC Mold Manufacturing - Ivanhoe is a complete production facility. From ordering materials and manifold systems to machining mold bases, to cutting gears, grinding threads and deep-hole drilling water lines, every step in the fabrication of your mold is done right here. And we use only 100% stainless steel for our mold plates and appropriate tool steels for our... Read More »
  • Industrial Mold Design - The truest test of a mold is its design. A good design insures interchangeability of parts between molds and within molds. Interchangeability reduces potential downtime ensuring the highest possible level of productivity from our molds. Ivanhoe molds regularly produce millions upon millions of parts without a single failure. Ivanhoe utilizes the latest CAD/CAM technology to... Read More »
  • Mold Development - At Ivanhoe, the entire development process from the initial design meeting to delivery of your finished mold relies on meticulous engineering and planning. Using the latest computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, we’re able to move quickly and efficiently from concept and design to manufacturing and production testing. This allows us to provide the very shortest... Read More »
  • Mold Making Services - Ivanhoe provides turnkey solutions covering the design, prototyping, manufacture and qualification testing of high-precision injection molds including unscrewing, in-mold closing,¬†packaging, technical and medical¬†applications¬†where total interchangeability is desirable. Managing an entire project is an important way in which the highest quality is achieved at Ivanhoe. From the first design meeting to final production testing, every aspect... Read More »